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Logic, as the foundations of our reporting platform
Saturday, December 14, 2019
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 Logic, as the foundations of our reporting platform Minimize

Our airBIOlogic reporting platform is the result of more than 6 years of extensive research, development and validation efforts conducted in live airline environment. We faced successes and failures on our path towards the delivery of what is now a highly mature, reliable and proven solution. The following list describes the current key features and will regularly be updated to reflect latest evolutions.

Critical to the success and sustainability of our approach, original system design and architecture were coached and reviewed by Microsoft Strategy advisors to ensure current & future accuracy, performance, scalability and reliability needs. With a properly layered and modular structure, we are ready to safely leverage the latest technologies along a smooth, non-disruptive path.

Microsoft BeLux appraised our work in leveraging and assembling their technology stack to be remarkable and creative enough to be put on stage during their Convention 2004 (presentation available directly from Microsoft here ).

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Key features of our management reporting platform:

a. Universal

e. Proven

b. Single repository

f. Continuity

c. Dependable

g. Sophisticated options

d. Modular

h. Minimizes your risks

   a. Universal


i. Data source, format or type independent


ii. Originating data platform independent (hardware/software)


iii. Communication channel, protocols,... independent


iv. Geographic location independent

1. Reporting platform

2. Data sources

3. Users base

   b. Single repository


i. Single version of truth


ii. Controlled distribution and access


iii. Data augmentation capabilities


iv. Advanced airline data modeling

   c. Dependable


i. Data comprehensiveness and accuracy

1. Automated checks

2. automated reloads

3. Multi stages transactional logging

4. audit able& traceable


ii. Data cleansing

1. Data validation against automated rules and/or existing content

2. manual override possible

3. Data translation & correction (data entry errors, intermediate matching tables, splitting, conversions...)


iii. Data validation/integrity

1. automatic checks

2. Parking faulty information

3. Quarantine vault for rejected, invalid or obsolete data.


iv. Internal reporting

1. Comprehensive reporting

2. System performance and behavioral monitoring


v. Warning system

1. Self checks

2. Pro-active warning system

3. Preventive system maintenance


vi. Fault tolerance

1. error process logging

2. Peak volume handling

a. Automatic load balancing/splitting

b. Proven resistance (capacity equivalent to 90+ million segment/year)

3. Comprehensive Exception handling


vii. Robust multi-layer architecture

1. Microsoft SQL2005 database components

2. Microsoft C# and .Net frameworks


viii. High-availability capable

   d. Modular


i. Available in several editions

1. Stand alone vertical modules (Bronze, Silver or Gold)

2. Bridged vertical modules (Platinum)


ii. Numerous interfaces

1. Local PC (standard)

a. Microsoft Excel

2. Server based (optional)

a. Microsoft Reporting Services

b. Microsoft Excel Services

c. Microsoft Sharepoint Portal

d. Microsoft Performance Point


iii. Export capabilities


iv. Customizable

1. Through reporting platform control interface

2. Integration of specific feeds

3. Development of specific exports


v. Several sets of measures and performance indicators

1. International aviation standards

2. additvalue’s standard and enhanced

3. custom airline requirements

   e. Proven


i. Extensive pre-launch research


ii. 6 years of live validation


iii. Load resistance (+90 millions/year segments)


iv. Seamless and transparent switch of data sources (e.g. res system provider migration)


v. Highest accuracy

1. Monitored

2. Auditable

3. Controlled (if not 100%, error margin is known, quantified and explained)

   f. Continuity


i. Universal


ii. Evolutive

1. Scalable

2. Open architecture

3. Open technologies


iii. un impacted by data format, structure or sources changes (e.g. res system provider migration)


iv. Plug and play data connectors

   g. Sophisticated


i. Platform options

1. Choice of historic – snapshot revenue modes (default = snapshot)

2. Prorating engine

3. Forecasting capabilities 

4. “What-if” modeling

5. Multiple scenarios managements 

6. Route/market revenue proxies 

7. Data mining

8. Code-shares

9. Interline

ii. Platform features

1. Multi-currencies

2. Multi-airlines 

3. Non-air traffic (bus shuttles,…) 

   h. Minimizes your risks


i. Technology

1. Team of highly specialized and skilled staff

2. Hosting in n+1 data center

3. Microsoft technology stack

4. System architecture and design optimized for reporting


ii. Business

1. Service level agreements (SLAs)

2. Deploys in a matter of weeks (not months, years... if ever)

3. Subject matter experts in airline data processing

4. Integrated security control


iii. Costs

1. Controlled/predictable costs

2. Focus resources on leveraging a proven, turn-key reporting solution rather than in attempting building one

3. No need to redevelop entire platform in case of data source change

4. Leverage existing data interfaces (turn-key)


iv. Safe

1. Users access control

a. Individual rights

b. User groups profiles

c. Corporate security profiles

2. Data content details and scope restrictions

3. Highly secure hosting environments

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