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Saturday, December 14, 2019
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airBO is the portion of our platform that focuses on the “outside”, the biotopes in which your airline evolves. It compiles and organizes wide sets of information into a single environmental information hub. Combined with its airBI counterpart, it creates airBIO, the ultimate management decision support platform. The overlap of highly detailed and accurate internal information with wide ranging competitive and market information delivers strong awareness and agility to your airline. These streams can also be leveraged to make modeling even more relevant.

Here are a few such streams:

  • Competitive: schedules, prices, fleets...
  • Financial: stocks (own, competition, shareholders, large customers, suppliers…), fuel (spot quotations, local indexes, by airport, by supplier…) exchange rates, interest rates, GDPs, economic indexes, stock exchange indexes...
  • Airline specific: lease rates, aircraft performance, hull values, leasing rates, local risks, insurance rates...
  • News: events (local, regional...), news (world, country, local, suppliers, competition, new/discontinued routes...), press releases, local calendars (bank holidays, shool holidays...)

airBO is capable of processing any external information streams already contracted by an airline or publicly available in the market. additvalue is also growing its own base of content providers that can be readily made available to its customer base; some of these information streams requiring the airline to contract a subscription to their providers or through additvalue.

You don’t find streams that are relevant to your business or you simply want to know more about airBO? Submit your requirements or take our free audit to review your specifics.

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