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Saturday, December 14, 2019
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 BI, as in Business Insight Minimize

airBI is the portion of our platform that focuses on the “inside” along corporate structures, systems and processes. Its spans vertically, across each management layers (i.e. strategic, tactical and operational) along hierarchical lines and horizontally, across all business areas (Commercial, Operations, Finance, HR and support resources) along functional lines.  Combined with its airBO counterpart, it creates airBIO, the ultimate management decision support platform.

In its minimal execution, airBI, consist of a single data extractor storing cleansed and validated content into the universal repository to be processed and delivered as information sets by the corresponding rendering module to the target audience(s) in one specific vertical (i.e. commercial flight schedule, bookings…). While, by essence, the universal data repository is unique and spans horizontally, each “data extractor – rendering module” vertical is available in different editions (Bronze, Silver and Gold). Several verticals can be deployed independently the one from the other, side by side.

In its most advanced execution, airBI Gold verticals are bridged to deliver the Platinum edition, leveraging extended data augmentation processes to encapsulate the verticals into a holistic corporate information hub and generate additional metrics.

Our verticals span across areas such as:


  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Accounting
  • Cost control
  • Revenue control
  • Treasury
  • Fuel


  • Flight planning
  • Flight operations
  • Crew management
  • Engineering MRO
  • Safety and quality


  • Main stream revenues: such as booking revenues (pax, mail, cargo, parcels), fees and charges...
  • On-demand/ad-hoc operations revenues: charter flights, wet/dry leases…
  • Ancillary revenues: In-flight sales, Cars, Hotels, Lounges, Insurance, mail, cargo, parcels...
  • Yield management
  • Sales & Marketing: Call centre, web, retail network, corporate, High Net Worth Individuals…
  • Network planning
  • Interline and codeshares
  • Alliances

HR and support resources

  • Staff
  • Asset management
  • Office management
  • IT

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