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Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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Building up on our perception and vision of airlines ecosystems, airBIOlogic came as an evidence when naming our reporting platform offering; linking our vision with the real world. airBIOlogic stands for :

  • air, as in airline
  • BI, as in Business Insight
  • BO, as in Business Outlook
  • Logic, as the foundations of our reporting platform 

airBIOlogic is a management reporting platform that has been inspired & developed by airline executives for airline executives to deliver a single, dependable and ubiquitous version of business truth in forms and content both tailored and relevant to each targeted audience, inside and/or outside your organization. Advanced features include forecasting, scenario builders and modeling (please check the logic part).

Too often have we been, and still are, confronted with airlines loosing precious time and sinking fortunes into developing their own reporting platform with rather less than more succes in their achievements. And because such developments are tightly enrooted in the underlying data systems, either they create resistance to systems evolution, require intense reprogramming (time, cost & risk) or more simply are disrupted in their in/output.

Not only does additvalue take these risks and costs away with its turn-key, universal reporting platform but when paired with professional services and management advisory, it guarantees your organization remains focused on what really matters: leveraging information in running the business more efficiently towards delivery of higher liquidity, profitability and operational performance. We do deliver Reporting as a Service, in the wake of the worldwide embraced Software as a Service approach (SaaS).

But don’t be scared by the beast and its capabilities! Because it is highly layered and modular in its conception as in its pricing, our reporting platform can be deployed to rapidly address very specific, limited requirements while safeguarding future growth, sustainability and... your investment. You can but don't need to deploy the entire platform in a kind of big bang approach; it also accommodates staged roll-outs towards functional and hierarchical reaches.

Browse further or take our free audit to find out more about what’s specifically in for your airline.

Increase and accelerate
profitability, liquidity and operational performance
for your airline.
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