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Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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While there aren't many airline executives left to contest the role played by technology as key business enabler in today's airline business, very few are or remain able to leverage it efficiently in support to their strategic, tactic or operational goals. 

Poorer airlines deploy technology more conservatively or consider it more as a cost center, a commodity, a pain ? rather than a true game changer. Their IT executives are having hard time in generating technology driven value; when they simply don't consider such need or at such costs or pace that its limits or suppresses any gain.

Savvier airlines leveraging technology more appropriately have their business and IT executives sharing understanding and reaching concensus around business cases articulated around direct, positive impact to the bottom line, product delivery, customer experience,....

Shorter and faster technological lifecycles accelerate the widening of the technology gap between poorer and savvyer players.

Smarter airlines keep looking for less obvious and more creative ways of leveraging technology,  to maintain their competitive advantage and generate superior value. They use technology in support to cash balance improvements, superior management decision support, market environmental awareness, higher customer intimacy, pro-active maintenance,... 

To do so, they rely on individuals blending wide airline business experience with solid management education and sound IT understanding to steer IT teams towards appropriate business goals while keeping the business informed on the opportunities arising from latest technology evolution. additvalue airPROfessional services leverage the same successfull blend to add value to your IT, whatever airline category you belong to when it gets to IT.

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