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Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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Management consultancy
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Ever wondered what does it take to deliver the ultimate piece of art ? 

  • The best idea ? 
  • The best raw materials ?
  • The best tools ?
  • The best craftman ?

Well, actually none individually but all together in a properly balanced combination of excellence.

We, at additvalue, believe we deliver such a combination of an excellent idea, leveraging excellent raw materials, using excellent tools in hands of excellent craftmen to deliver ultimate added value to your airline.

Our airMANagement advisory practice is a pool of seasoned airline executives, on payroll or associated, with demonstrated experience and achievements at all hierarchical levels (from board to operations) and across all functional areas:  sales, finance, flight ops, engineering,...

Empowered by our airBIOlogic tools and airPRO capabilities, they can 

  • Audit airline structure, business processes and organisation
  • Align corporate strategy, with tactic decisions and operational execution
  • Create  seamless top to bottom and bottom up information flows
  • Balance local and global corporate value creation to prevent, limit or eliminate negative corporate value incidence of ill-fated or poorly scoped local management decision.
  • Identify and remove value chains bottlenecks impacting higher and wider corporate value delivery
  • Qualify, measure and enhance corporate value creation along liquidity, profitability, risk and intangible assets contributions.
  • Review airline positionning in its wider business and market environment and adapt its internal business processes accordingly
  • Evaluate corporate incidence on & value contribution to stakeholder wealth : customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, ..

 Browse further or take our free audit to find out more about what’s specifically in for your airline.

Increase and accelerate
profitability, liquidity and operational performance
for your airline.
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