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Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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Successful airlines

  • Survive the downs
  • Outperform in the highs

being the fittest in

  • developing environmental awareness
  • sensing opportunities and threats
  • adapting to environmental changes

faster, better and smarter than their competition. With Additvalue.

Growing himself into an airline executive, Jean-Cédric, Additvalue's founder, was often confronted with organizational, informational and IT systems silos preventing efficient execution of business processes and value delivery in support to such a vision.

With thousands of market players to provide airlines with software, IT services or consultancy, he spotted a gap in the absence of company hosting all three businesses under the same roof.  additvalue was created to be such a company :

  • add it value : adding value to your data, the software
  • add IT value : leveraging IT towards improved efficiency in processes, the Professional Services
  • addit value : empowering airline executives towards increased added value delivery, the advisory practice.

Consolidating all corporate information into a single, integrated repository to provide accurate, reliable and timely available management decision support was the first key instrumental step towards delivery of the vision.

Airlines fundamentals get increasingly exposed to external factors with low level of predictability and/or control and far reaching consequences :

  • Regulatory

    • Ownership rights
    • Emission Trading Schemes
  • Economics

    • Long term, high capital expenditures against shorter economic cycles
    • Fuel prices volatility
    • World wide financial crisis (sub-prime collapse, cash and credit crunches,..)
  • Geo-politics

    • 11th of Sep
    • Wars
    • SARS

All these events (and the ones yet to come) contribute in making additvalue's initial vision more relevant than ever. And so are the needs for its integrated products, services and advisory value proposition.

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