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Saturday, December 14, 2019
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The origins: an airline executive, Jean-Cédric Bienfait, nurturing a vision on superior business decision making for airline executives (1990-2002) inspired by the combination of 3 key skillsets :

  1. a solid management education with majors in

    • Sciences : mathematics, statistics, physics, chemicals,...
    • Economics : micro&macro, finance, cost accouting,..
    • Business : law, marketing, strategy, organisation
  2. accumulated airline experience

    • through education/research: Yield management (MIT's Lab of Transportation theories) and networking (final paper on Hub&Spoke)
    • through practice: Air Traffic Management, Ground Ops, Sales (Major US airline and travel agency networks), marketing and IT
    • out of personal interest: aircraft engineering and flying/flight operations
  3. Extensive IT practice

    • 25+ years: advanced MS Office, programming, database mngt, telecommunications, computer sales and manufacturing,..
    • IT director at an airline (2005-7)

This first period saw Jean-Cédric leveraging any opportunity, offered or taken, to bridge an IT - Management gap he was consistently confronted with; paying special care at :

  • Staying away of the "IT for the sake of IT syndrome"
  • Translating management requirements into actionable IT
  • Leveraging IT towards fulfillment of management goals

additvalue came as a logic evolution, a near evidence, in the aftermath of September 11th, 2001 events bringing Jean-Cédric to reconsider his career development, leaving the executive track to venture entrepreneurship.

The first stage: an entrepreneur turning a vision into an actionable and comprehensive reporting solution (additvalue 1.0, 2002-2008)

  • Vision endorsed and enabled by likeminded top executives of a European startup (Jul 2002)
  • Incorporation of additvalue as a company (Aug 2002)
  • First technological endorsement from our invitation as speaker at the Microsoft Belux Convention 2004
  • Development, operation and validation of our reporting platform in live conditions over 6 years
  • Building up a team, expertise and presence spread across 3 different locations (BRU, PRG & DFW)

The second stage: a company bringing its products, services and advisory practice to the market (additvalue 2.0, 2008- )

  • Over-proven business case
  • Complete product package
  • Robust commercial strategy and approach First business endorsement from our shortlisting to the Innovation Award to the World Low Cost Convention event 2008
  • Establishing MEA and APAC locations
  • Growing the reach of our professional services and advisory practice
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